Build a New Home: Appeal to Your Senses

New Kitchen at Meridian Ridge, Newtown CT

A brand new kitchen at Meridian Ridge, Newtown CT, appeals to all the senses.

Do you remember buying your first new car with its virgin ashtrays, unset radio buttons and clean cup holders? The euphoria of the vehicle being all yours from the start? Well, for me, buying a home is exactly the same. I want that spring-like awakening of my senses; that sense of a new beginning when I first enter a house I am thinking about purchasing.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy other people. Quite to the contrary, I really am a very social being. But honestly, I don’t have any desire to live in a home filled with the evidence of past inhabitants. For me, a new house is just so much nicer. It simply appeals to my senses:

Smell: Smell is your strongest sense. When you step through the front door and smell old cooking from the previous owners, or the telltale odors of their dog, Sparky (who had repeatedly and efficiently marked his territory), you feel like an intruder. When looking to buy a house, you want to get that immediate feeling of “Home Sweet Home.” You want to smell nothing but fresh, clean air that you can claim as your own; that distinct air of newness you only get when the walls are freshly painted and every, single part of the home lends its aroma to your senses.

Sight: You look around and what don’t you see? Layers of wall paper that you know you will have to tear down, treads with sags in the middle, windows that don’t quite close or quite open, scratches on the refrigerator, stains in the sink, bathtubs with cracked tile and plumbing that does not shut off, ceilings that are too low to put up ceiling fans, one electric outlet per room. This list of deficiencies could go on and on. Upon buying a new home you have visual proof that no one else has ever used your appliances and that no one else’s dirty shoes or hands have ever marred your flawless floors and walls. As a homeowner, you want to be proud of where you live so you can show it off to all of your family and friends.

Sound: You do not want to let anyone hear the unavoidable squeaks made from the old staircase as you descend for a midnight snack. You want to avoid the clamor of the kids running around upstairs that is easily mistaken for a herd of elephants. Peace is what every family longs for in their home. Enough space where sound doesn’t travel as far and toys are allowed to claim a corner without disturbing the tranquility.

Touch: You long for a home where cold isn’t seeping through cracks in old windows as you watch television. You hope you won’t get another splinter from your old bookcase as you search for your favorite novel. You don’t want to pour all your hard earned money into heating bills. Insulated walls and floors will make you warm. Newly polished floors, banisters and bookcases will leave your feet and hands splinter free.

Taste: You may love your new house so much you want to give it a kiss, but we cannot guarantee that you will like the taste of the polished floors. Taste is an extension of you.

The next time you go into a new home, open your senses to the fresh, clean environment. You may find it irresistible!

Next blog: A new home is an empty canvas upon which owners can put anything and everything exactly where and how they want it. This will be the topic of my next article: floor plans.

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