Housing Equals Jobs

America is still struggling through a recession.  An economic recovery, however, will not be possible if Congress does not focus on reviving housing.  The housing industry makes up nearly 15 percent of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) and when it is healthy, it provides much needed jobs and revenue for America

When homes are built and communities are created, people spend dollars in the local market far into the future, including buying groceries and furniture, hiring housekeepers and landscapers, and spending money on local entertainment and in area restaurants.

Nationally, according to estimates from economists at the National Association of Home Builders, three full-time jobs are created for every new single-family home built.  In a typical metro area, a healthy housing industry not only provides jobs, but brings revenue to the state and local economies.

In the first year, the impact of 100 newly-built single-family homes equates to:

  • $21.1 million in local income
  • $2.2 million in taxes and other revenue for local governments
  • 324 local jobs

After the first year, the recurring benefits are:

  • $3.1 million in local income
  • $743,000 in taxes and other revenue for local governments
  • 53 local jobs

You can make you voice heard by letting your members of Congress know that housing equals jobs, and to restore America, we must revive housing!  Visit www.revivehousingnow.com to get started.

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