Helping To Protect The Environment

Last year, despite a challenging economy, Charter Residential Development continued to be active at Meridian Ridge.  Every home built in 2008 qualified as an ENERGY STAR® home, annual savings from which can be equated to the elimination of the emissions from 1.47 vehicles, saving 8,892 lbs. of coal, planting 2.43 acres of trees or saving homeowners $1,341 on utility bills.

ENERGY STAR® is a voluntary partnership between the government and more than 9,000 organizations, including more than 3,500 of the nation’s home builders. Together with home buyers and their families, we are working to achieve a common goal – protecting the environment for future generations by changing to more energy-efficient practices and products today.

We are proud of our affiliation with ENERGY STAR®, and will continue to stress energy-efficient construction and environmental protection in all of our homes and communities.

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